Bylaws are designed to help a group function in an orderly manner. A copy of Bylaws for the Local PTA/PTSA Units and California State PTA Bylaws 8.1, 327 should be provided to all officers and board members. Each member should study them thoroughly. A copy of the bylaws should be made available to any member of the association upon request.

Tips for Getting Your Bylaws Approved

Review and know your bylaws – they make your job easier as president!

Provide a copy of your bylaws to your executive board.

Prior to or at the beginning of the school year, annually review your bylaws with your executive board.

Use your Standing Rules to better manage your PTA/PTSA and to pass on information to future boards. Simply create and maintain an additional Standing Rules document in Word using numbered bullet points beginning with the proceeding number from the last one listed on the last page of the bylaws. Add a footnote with the correct page number(s) and you’re all set!

Items to consider including in your Standing Rules:

  • Special committees
  • Who committee chair people should reach out/report to
  • Items own by your PTA/PTSA and where they are stored
  • Guidelines for Grad Nite if applicable
  • eBylaws user name and password
  • Any on-line tax filing user name and password

Standing Rules must be aligned with your bylaws!

Standing Rules need to be submitted with your bylaws when you submit them for CA State PTA approval.

Bylaws are to be updated and submitted for approval from CA State PTA every three years, but can be updated sooner if need be. Units due to update will be notified at first council meeting.

Use eBylaws!

  • Request your password by clicking "Request Password" on the CA State PTA webpage at the following link,
  • You will be requested to create a user name. This is not your personal user name and password, but your unit’s. You may want to consider a user name that makes sense for your unit.
  • Make sure you record your unit's eBylaws user name and password, such as recording them in your standing rules for instance.
  • You'll receive two emails: 1) user name / password and 2) instructions
  • Then you can return to CA State PTA's bylaws page,, and click "Access e-Bylaws"
  • You'll be taken through a series of screens in which you'll enter information needed to build your bylaws. You can save along the way without completing at one sitting.

Once you've completed the process to update your bylaws electronically, the program generates a PDF of your bylaws. This is simply a file that resides where you save it - your computer, a flash/jump drive, etc. Your eBylaws are NOT saved to the CA State PTA network NOR are they automatically submitted to council, district or state PTAs. You must submit them to Fremont Council for review!

You need to submit the PDF along with the attached completed cover sheet through Fremont Council. If your unit has an additional standing rules file, it must also be submitted. Simply email the documents to me for review. I'll contact you if I have questions before forwarding to Peralta District PTA. Be green and don't send hard copy unless you absolutely must.

If you must modify your eBylaws PDF, print one copy (double sided), modify as needed using black ink - do not cover any text. If possible, scan the modified bylaws and email following direction above. If you are unable to scan them, mail one copy to me (make copies for yourself and executive board) along with printed additional standing rules (if applicable) and the attached cover sheet which includes my address. If you don't want to mail them, bring them to the next council meeting.

Submit through channels. Submit your unit’s updated bylaws to either the council (or district) parliamentarian along with your standing rules document and the cover sheet. The cover sheet is provided below.

Most units can update their bylaws on-line, even those whose units vary from the standard bylaws. eBylaws must be printed DOUBLE SIDED and then modifications made.

More information on bylaws can be found in the toolkit under "Running Your PTA: Bylaws for PTAs in California" at:

and the Peralta District PTA web site: