Ready Set Remit

"Ready Set Remit," the new California State PTA membership award, replaces the two past awards: Early Bird and Chairman's Club. To be eligible, units must submit 30 per caps to the council financial secretary by October 1st. If you know your membership will be higher than 30, you may bring the per caps to the September 10th meeting. If you are not bringing per caps to the meetings, you may mail them to the financial secretary whose name and address is found at the top of the remittance form that should accompany every remittance to council. The remittance form can be found on the Forms page.

Council's goal is for all units to receive the Ready Set Remit award. For ideas on how to promote membership visit the California State PTA website.

Envelopes and Cards

Membership envelopes and cards can be obtained from the council membership chairman. Envelopes are $15.00 for a box of 500. Cards are free. The number of cards you receive is based on last year’s membership total. If you have extra cards that you will not be distributing, please bring them to the next council meeting so that we may give them to units that need more.

Per Caps Deadline

Membership is a year-round activity. Please turn in per caps as often as possible.

Every member should get a PTA membership card. 

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