Special Education Committee

Why do we have a committee for parents of children with special needs?

Because parents of children with special needs have special needs themselves. They need to learn how to work with special education teachers and other specialists who educate their children. They need to understand the system of special education and their rights under the law. And they need to connect with and support other parents in the same position. Fremont Council PTA’s Special Education Committee helps meet these needs by bringing together people who have an interest in special education and providing a forum for them to learn and share their experiences.

What Are Our Goals?

  • To ensure that all children receive an education that allows them to reach their full potential.
  • To bring together parents, families and teachers of children with special needs for sharing of experiences.
  • To educate parents about special education, including the identification and placement procedures for children with special needs.
  • To inform legislators, school boards, and the community about the importance of special education programs.
  • To improve the lives of children by providing cultural, social and physical enrichment.
  • To advocate for children with special needs and their right to a free and appropriate public education in the least restrictive environment.

Who Are Committee Members?

  • Anyone who has an interest in the welfare of children with special needs.
  • Parents, families, teachers, school administrators, students, friends.
  • Membership is open to all.

How Can I Support Special Education in Fremont?

  • Attend our committee meetings.
  • Participate in programs.
  • Volunteer your time.

Know Your Rights

If you suspect your child has a disability that interferes with learning, you can ask to have your child tested by your school district at no cost to you. You can do this even if your child does not attend public school.

You can see your child's school records and get a copy of the school records at no cost to you. If your child's school records contain incorrect or misleading information, you can ask to have the information corrected.

When your child is evaluated for special education, the school must explain the tests your child has been given. If you disagree with the school's evaluation, you can ask for additional testing or an independent evaluation at no cost to you.

You must be treated as a full and equal member of your child's IEP Team. You should be included in every decision about your child's special education.

If you disagree with decisions about your child's special education, you have many rights, including the right to mediation and due process.


For more information contact specialeducation [at] fremontcouncilpta.org.